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Philippinesthetic is a blog made by creative General Academic Strand students (GA202) of STI College Caloocan. It aims to show the aesthetic side of Contemporary Philippine Arts. Philippinesthetic also shows the importance beyond the beauty of Philippine Arts. We aspire to reach our fellow Filipinos to understand and value more the essence of arts we have here in the Philippines. Contemporary Philippine Art doesn’t just talk about the modern things but also says that every art we see, hear and feel comes from something historically wonderful.

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“Philippinesthetic” is derived from two words; Philippines and Aesthetic. Aesthetic is set of ideas or opinions about the artistic or beautiful qualities of something. The group decided to combine the two words to make it sound more interesting. The readers would expect that from the title of the blog to the contents, it simply shows how dedicated and proud we are with our very own Philippine Arts.

We hope to enlighten and inspire our readers to know more about the Contemporary Philippine Arts. There’s nothing more beautiful than being proud of our own!




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